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our 3 week old labrador puppies~

Friday, December 28, 2007

The First Week Of Our Puppy's Life

Sooo, this is going to be a blog devoted entirely to our puppy~
a beautiful labrador retriever~

Out of a litter of 10 puppies in total~
8 of the puppies were born on friday, the 21st of december, 2007
and 2 of them were born on saturday, the 22nd of december, 2007
all together? ten!

The mother's name is Sugar ( we heard them call her Sug for short)
and the father's name is Tugboat (I think... will check...) but they call him Tug

And today was the puppies' 1st week birthday and our first visit over to them~
They are SOO cute! Their owner says they just started opening their eyes
but they were sleeping by the time we got there...

Their owner was telling us that the mom was very protective and yesterday,
when her nephew came to see them the mom growled at them and wouldn't even let him
out onto the porch...

Luckily, she really liked us and so did the father~ and we pet them~ and the were always
next to us~ They really trusted us~ and we're so glad~

More on the parents...

The father's grandfather was a champion labrador... It won awards~ :)
The father is an English (boxier muzzle) labrador and the mother is an
American (more narrow muzzle) labrador and both of them are beautiful~
even more than we expected!

Their owner says that the puppies would most likely take after their dad which
is good news :) we like those boxes~

These pictures are fine examples of English Labradors :)

The parents of the puppies are so well behaved and handsome~

And although the flash made the father's eyes come out green here is the dad~

the mom's in the background~

So, here is a picture of the all TEN of the puppies =)

And a random one we picked out for a picture~ they all look so alike.. lol

ARE'NT THEY SO CUTE! oh my goodness~ we're all SOO excited!

Stephen is going to go every week to take pictures of them so~ wait and be excited :)

More great news is that they are all AKC registered, have no history of eye and hip problems

and are purebred =)

So that's the very first post for our puppy life blog~ Enjoy!